Hp tuners pro wideband hookup

hp tuners pro wideband hookup - Camaro (2016+)chevy camaro (2010-2015)corvette c7 (2014+)corvette c6 (2005-2013)corvette c5 (1997-2004)chevy ss sedan (2014+)  air intake & induction  braking components  chassis & suspension  computer tuning & gauges    tuning interfaces & software    handheld tuners    scan gauges    wideband gauges and tools    accessories  drivetrain  engine components  exterior appearance  headers  nitrous  superchargers  exhaust componentsls1 f-body (1998-2002)pontiac gto (2004-2006)pontiac g8 (2008+)cts-v series (2009+)cts-v series (2004-2007)w-body (grand prix, impala, monte carlo)lt1 f-body (1993-1997)cadillac ats (2013+)v6 f-body (1993-2002)cadillac cts & cts-v (2016+). You can go to a junkyard and find another connector to plug into this so you can switch back and forth or you can buy a maintain switch that, when you switch it one way it reads from the a/c sensor and when switched the other way, it reads from the wideband o2 output wire. I think a lot of people get into hptuners without purchasing the eio cable and dont want to pay for the upgrade after they buy a wideband. • since hp tuners scanner will be using the egr or ac pressure switch to get its readings from, we need to add that into the formula.

How to connect your Wideband (WEGO IV) to your HP Tuners unit

In this short video, Bob Morreale will show you how to connect your Daytona Sensors WEGO III Wideband to the HP Tuners MPVI ...