Everything was straight when we first started dating lyrics

when we first started dating poems - Dre and ice cube about the slaying that happened during the shooting of a straight outta compton trailer — about the day in january when suge knight turned up on the set and allegedly plowed his pickup truck over two men, including a technical adviser on the film — when the lights go out. They've been involved in feuds upon feuds, the biggest dating back to 1996, when dre walked away from his ownership stake in death row records at the height of its ascent, leaving a reported million on the table and infuriating his death row partner suge knight — bad blood that clearly lingers today. With the only flicker of light coming from dre's gleaming rolex, the producers and stars of the film talk thoughtfully — sometimes angrily — about the difficult 13-year journey it took for straight outta compton to get to the screen. Judge recently declined to lower the million bail for knight (left) for the january slaying of a 'straight outta compton' adviser near the set of a trailer for the movie.

Fall for your type - Cover by Jaytekz Lyrics

Fall for your type - Cover by Jaytekz Lyrics. Uh, I take a shot for you. And everything we did. And everything we once was in our ...